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Scar Treatment

Written by Dr. Jacobs

The presence of objectionable scars on the chest is of concern to many patients seeking revision gynecomastia surgery. It must be understood that once a scar is present, it cannot be removed and replaced by virgin, unscarred tissue. Scar revision surgery can, at best, improve a scar but it cannot make a scar magically disappear. For flat and wide scars, the best one can do is to try to narrow it but the location of the scar cannot be changed – it is permanent. Depressed scars will require scar revision to bring them flush with the surface skin. Thickened and raised scars are best treated with cortisone injections or sometimes with silicone gel, silicone strips or with lasers. Red scars will often fade with time or may require laser treatments. Dark scars usually fade over time. For all scars, time alone may offer some improvement.

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