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Non-Invasive Man Boob Treatment: Does It Work?

Non-Invasive Man Boob Treatment: Does It Work?

Laser liposuction, fat freezing, fat heating—there are a number of less invasive methods that supposedly treat man boobs. As New York gynecomastia revision patients demonstrate when they come see us, these procedures don’t usually work very well. There are a few reasons for this as we will explain. First, let’s give an overview of these forms of fat removal.

The Options

Laser Liposuction: According to Healthline, during laser liposuction patients have a small laser inserted under the skin to liquefy fat, followed by a cannula to remove the melted material. Unlike freezing and heating done outside the body, the process gets rid of the unwanted cells immediately. Sessions last typically about an hour and local anesthesia is used. Downtime is usually a few days.

Fat Freezing: Perhaps the most well-known fat freezing treatment, CoolSculpting, is non-invasive. An applicator is placed on the skin that freezes fat underneath. The body processes out the dead cells over the course of several weeks, so while it takes longer for results to be final, there’s no downtime involved. The machine’s use for gynecomastia is off-label, meaning the FDA hasn’t approved CoolSculpting for this purpose.

Fat Heating: SculpSure heats fat cells to the point where they die. It’s similar to CoolSculpting, says Healthline, except that the technology uses heat instead of cold. The body’s lymph system removes the dead fat cells over a few weeks’ time. Treatment takes less time than CoolSculpting, and downtime is nil. Unlike laser liposuction and fat freezing, we don’t know of too many patients who have tried “WarmSculpting” for man boobs. It’s also an off-label use of the technology, for one thing. Plus, its belt covers larger areas of the body than CoolSculpting’s smaller applicators.

Why Gynecomastia Surgery is Still Best

These less invasive ways of addressing man boobs can seem attractive at first. But with a bit of research, guys find out that results are very often disappointing. That’s why we don’t use any of these methods with our man boob patients.

Here’s why we treat so many gynecomastia revision patients in New York after they have tried a less invasive approach:

Breast gland persists. None of these alternative treatments for man boobs can remove breast gland as well as fat. Through our three decades of operating on man boobs in New York, we’ve found that nearly 100% of guys require breast gland removal. For some patients, such as very lean bodybuilders, excess gland is the majority of the problem. Even overweight guys will have breast gland woven in with the fatty tissue on their chest. When fat cells are killed, whatever the method, gland left behind very often causes lumpy, uneven contours.

The techniques are imprecise. We designed our own special cannulas for man boob surgery. They are very slim and sharp and we use them in a variety of ways: to suction away fat, to carefully cut away breast gland and to loosen and re-drape skin over the new contours (with the suction turned off). None of the less invasive techniques are this precise, particularly the technology used outside the body. And as guys with man boobs are well aware, fractions of inches make all the difference when it comes to chest appearance.

The cost can be deceptive. While each of these less invasive measures costs less than surgery for man boobs, patients may end up not saving much money. Healthline says laser liposuction costs an average of around $5,500. That’s not inexpensive. And the outside-the-body options may require patients to return for additional sessions. About CoolSculpting, for instance, Healthline says, “Depending on the area of your body receiving treatment and your individual needs, you may require more than one treatment.”

One Last Consideration

Finally, when patients consult us about various options for man boobs in New York, we mention the value of getting it right the first time. Choosing a less invasive treatment—or even a less experienced cosmetic surgeon—with the goal of saving money can backfire if the ultimate result is revision surgery. It is always more difficult to operate when breast tissues have been treated by any means, even when the trauma is created by a device on the skin’s surface. All these devices create scar tissue under the skin when makes corrective surgery more difficult and less predictable.

Choosing a board certified plastic surgeon with many years of experience treating man boobs can ultimately save money, time and heartache.

If you’d like to consult us about your case and your options, we’d be delighted. Just use our simple contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

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