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My Case of Man Boobs: How Bad Is It?

My Case of Man Boobs: How Bad Is It?

One of the most frequent questions we read in the forums on and answer in consultations is: how bad is it?

Over the years we’ve treated man boobs in New York, we’ve realized there are several questions behind that first one. Guys are trying answer many things for themselves, such as: Does my chest look as bad as I think it does? Is there actual breast gland growing? Should I consider male breast reduction surgery?

At Face Value

If you have man boobs and you want to take on the “how bad is it” question at face value, there are tools that can help to some extent. Various systems have been developed to classify gynecomastia cases by degree. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) created a system by adapting and simplifying the work of others. The ASPS uses four levels to describe cases of gynecomastia—you can read about them here. On, you can find photos accompanying the four levels.

There are other systems used to classify cases of gynecomastia. You can use a search engine to find them if you wish. Remember that these schemes have been developed for doctors and researchers to use in their work, though, and they’re limited in their ability to help patients grapple with their own condition.

If you want to compare your case to many others, take a look at our sets of before and after gynecomastia photos. You’ll see dozens of pictures taken of our base of thousands of patients with man boobs. Chances are you’ll notice many whose cases seem quite mild to you, and some with extreme cases. If you can then step back and look at your chest objectively, you might get some sense of where you fit in.

You might also notice that we don’t group our before and after photos in terms of severity of the cases. We think it makes more sense to categorize patients in terms of similar needs. That’s why we group bodybuilders with man boobs together, for example. Their cases—and the patients themselves—tend to have factors in common.

The Heart of the Matter

One thing no set of photos or classification scheme can do is tell you what to do about your man boobs. Of course it is possible that you’ll conclude your gynecomastia is quite mild compared to other cases and you’ll feel fine about living with it. We meet some guys with man boobs in New York who decide just that. We support them all we can, with information about keeping their condition in check, where to find compression shirts and so on.

But chances are, if you’re exploring the “how bad is it” question, your man boobs bother you quite a bit. If that’s the situation, let us assure you that in the hands of a gynecomastia specialist, your case can be banished for good. A couple of hours in a surgical suite, a few days rest and several weeks of gradual return to full activities and that’s it. No more man boobs.

We are very accustomed to helping guys figure out the right course of action. To all patients with man boobs in New York, we pledge a process of education and exploration with no pressure at all. We would be glad to help you too—no matter where you live and no matter what you ultimately decide.

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