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Minimally Invasive Gynecomastia Surgery

minimally invasive man boob surgery

Someone who was looking to learn more about our New York gynecomastia surgery program recently asked us whether we performed minimally invasive male breast reduction. Also called “short scar” or “minimal scar” gynecomastia surgery, the procedure utilizes very small incisions that leave almost no trace of surgery after healing.

Occasionally you’ll see this surgery referred to as a “pull through” procedure as breast gland can usually be pulled through even a tiny opening.

In fact, that’s exactly what we do for our New York gynecomastia patients: male breast reduction with very small incisions. We don’t promote it specifically on our website because nowadays we do surgery this way in almost every case. We don’t even think of it as “short scar” gynecomastia surgery, it’s simply routine male breast reduction to us.

How is this possible?

Techniques and instruments have improved over the years such that we can now do more with less. We perform liposuction with a specialized tool that can also remove breast tissue with minimal tissue disruption. Most patients have an incision so small it can be termed a “nick” on the side of the chest; some men require an additional small incision around the areola. In both cases the scars are almost invisible once the healing process is complete a few months down the road.

Does this approach really work?

If you want to see the kinds of results we regularly achieve for our adult and adolescent patients, just visit our before and after gynecomastia photo gallery. Click on a few sets of photos to enlarge them. You’ll see natural looking male contours in the “after” photos and you may see a few small scars in some. In other photos, you will see no evidence of surgery at all.

Who is not a candidate for the short scar procedure?

The only patients for whom the short scar approach may not be best are those who have lots of extra loose skin and/or who have unusual amounts of tissue that must be removed. We can determine this in your consultation, but it’s a rare patient whose surgery demands large incisions.

Visit our website devoted to gynecomastia for more information, and when you’re ready to learn more in person, contact us online or give our Park Avenue office a call at 212-570-6080.

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