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(Man Boob) Parents of the Year

(Man Boob) Parents of the Year

Get ready to cheer!

We hear so often from young guys who can’t bring themselves to talk with their parents about their case of man boobs. It happens because some think mom and dad can’t possibly understand and will dismiss their son’s desire for male breast reduction. It also happens because many young men simply can’t bear to broach the subject. It’s mortifying at a time when teens are so easily embarrassed.

When we chat with teens with man boobs here in New York and online, we urge them to find a way to talk to their parents. We advise some: since you’re suffering already, and you think the conversation may not go well, what do you have to lose? We also offer tips and information sources that can help.

Parents’ reactions to their son’s concerns about moobs span a spectrum. And here’s where the celebration comes in—some young men do indeed find their parents supportive, and some are quite surprised about it! We want to share some examples.

Our Patient John

John is one of the luckiest of all teens with man boobs. He and his parents were “in it together” from the start. His mom and dad talked with him openly about gynecomastia and took him to an endocrinologist to make sure hormone levels were in check. Then they elected teen man boob surgery in New York with us. After healing, John reported that a “huge burden” had been lifted from his life.

Admittedly, John had the ideal family for a kid with troublesome moobs—parents who were determined to share in the journey before John even became a teen. Others take a little longer to get there.

A Parent Reaches Out

We sometimes run across parents posting in the forums on Here’s a sweet story we spotted recently:

My son has had gynecomastia since about age 10. I did not know to what extent because he would never show us or go without a shirt or wear comfortable clothes in the Mississippi heat. He always wore jackets or hoodies. He always asked what we were going to do about “his problem.” I finally told him for me to be able to help him, he was going to have to show me. He took his shirt off and showed me. My heart sunk! I did not let him see how I felt and thanked him for showing me. He left and I closed my bathroom door and cried my eyes out! I called my husband and told him and he told me we would do whatever it takes to help him.

I started researching everything I could find on the subject, all doctors, all treatments, everything. We decided on surgery! To give him a chance at a normal teenage experience! My son had the surgery yesterday. He just wanted it so bad! He thanked his dad and me in recovery and said thanks for letting me have this done. We got our first look and it looked fantastic! We all cried!

Coming Clean by Surprise

We found another story of a young man who was “outed” to his mom courtesy of a too-small shirt and a teasing sister:

I was a little overwhelmed that my secret for 7 years had been exposed, but today my mom approached me and told me that she couldn’t believe I’ve been embarrassed by this for so long and how she always wondered why I would swim with a shirt on, etc. Then she said something that I never expected her to, she said, “I talked with your stepdad and he also couldn’t believe that you kept this from us, but we both agreed that you can go ahead with the surgery whenever you want and we’ll take care of it.” WOW! I could not be happier, I wish I told them sooner. I’m finally going to have the surgery and not worry about anything, this is incredible!

How to Get Started

If you’re a teen suffering with gynecomastia, we would be so pleased to work with you. We have treated hundreds and hundreds of young men with man boobs in New York over the years. We know how to create the results you’re looking for—and we’ve seen firsthand how elated teens can feel when they’re given a new outlook on life.

We also know how to talk with your parents to reassure them that surgery is safe, effective and appropriate for so many adolescents. But you have to get them here first! You might try joining, if you haven’t already, and seek advice from guys just like you. You can also look through the “Special Cases—Teen Gynecomastia” blog posts on this site for more input.

We invite you to fill out our short contact form and tell us about yourself. Perhaps we can figure out together how to get the ball rolling.

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