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I Hate My Nipples!

I Hate My Nipples!

Granted, “I hate my nipples,” is not the complaint we hear from most patients seeking plastic surgery in New York – gynecomastia surgery is leading procedure of interest for men. Nevertheless, you might be surprised how many people consult us about the look of their nipples, men as well as women.

The three leading procedures we perform for men in New York address puffy nipples (areolas), overly large nipples and scarred nipples.

– Puffy nipples

Puffy nipples are almost always, in fact, puffy areolas. These dome or cone shaped areolas are very common and occur along with widespread male breast tissue or on their own. The usual cause is a deposit of firm breast tissue directly beneath the nipple-areola complex, which causes the areolas to pooch out. We perform very careful, precise excision of this extra tissue and treat the nearby skin to allow the breast to flatten and look normal without causing a crater deformity.

– Large nipples

Occasionally we meet a male patient with enlarged nipples, meaning the nipples in the center of the areolas protrude and have the look of nipples you might see on a woman. It’s a relatively simple procedure to reduce the diameter or the projection or both. We use dissolving stitches and the tiny scars that result are virtually invisible.

– Scarred nipples

Men (and women) who have worn nipple rings for a time often find there’s an unnatural looking buildup of scar tissue once the hardware is removed. Frequently the problem can be solved with simple injections of cortisone. We can perform minor surgery if cortisone does not suffice.

If you hate your nipples, there’s no need to feel that looking for a solution is frivolous. When you think about it, nipples are the center attraction of both male and female breasts, and are therefore pretty important features. Not only that, but addressing unsightly nipples involves a straightforward, low-risk procedure.

In our plastic surgery practice in New York, gynecomastia surgery for men and breast surgery for women are some of our leading procedures. We have been working with local, national and international patients for three decades, and we have, as they say, seen it all! We invite you to come in for a consultation with us.

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