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How an Experienced Gynecomastia Surgeon Handles Scars

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There are two times an experienced gynecomastia surgeon can help reduce the possibility that you won’t like your scars following male breast reduction: before and after the procedure.

It may sound flip, but we mean it! If you’re planning gynecomastia surgery in New York or anywhere else, you probably know you need to find a plastic surgeon with lots of man boob experience for best results. But you may not have considered the possible impact of post-surgical scars, and the way a seasoned doctor can make a difference with that aspect of your strategy.

Here’s what we do for our New York gynecomastia patients.

Before Gynecomastia Surgery

Our practice is unique in having worked with guys with moobs for more than three decades. During those years, we have learned how to make educated guesses about what our patients’ scars may be like after surgery.

Naturally, we examine each man carefully and ask questions about his history of scarring. But there are other factors to take into account as well. These include age, ethnicity, skin thickness, overall health, sun damage and more. Smoking is a huge factor as well. We encourage our patients to quit, and we insist that they at least stop temporarily around the time of their procedure.

This type of information tells us quite a bit about how a patient’s skin will heal after surgery. Internal scarring is much more difficult to predict.

After Male Breast Reduction

If we consult with a guy who has had a previous surgical experience, we may be able to learn something from any resulting lumps and bumps. Even so, male breast reduction may produce unexpected internal scars. There’s just no way to predict this.

You may have heard that steroid injections can help smooth scars under the skin–this can be a good approach for many patients. Again, the more experience your plastic surgeon has with scar treatment, the better. We are very careful to choose an appropriate dosage and do the injection the right way for each guy. The formula is not the same for everyone.

Sometimes minor surgery can be considered as a way to reduce surface or subcutaneous scars. Again, experience is everything–not just in determining what can be done with a little light application of the scalpel, but also in deciding whether more treatment is a good idea in the first place. We always consult with our patients about possible tradeoffs and make decisions together about the best way to handle scars they might find bothersome.

Today, more products and techniques are available to minimize surgical scarring than ever before. And plastic surgeons are gaining more and more knowledge about the body’s healing processes and becoming more adept at treating scars. To take every advantage of the best that’s available to you, find the most experienced gynecomastia surgeon you can.

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