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Out of Town Patients

Written by Dr. Jacobs
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With over thirty years of experience performing surgery for gynecomastia across the USA and our reputation as a “go-to” practice for getting it done right, we serve guys from across the U.S. and all over the world. Each one of our staff is experienced in working with patients from other states and countries and ensuring that the process goes smoothly from start to finish.

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Our goal is to accomplish a rigorous process of getting to know each patient, developing a unique surgical plan, ensuring safety and following up properly even when a guy has to fly in to work with us.

If You Live a Few Hours Away

When patients are a few hours away by car, public transportation or plane, we want to arrange an in-person consultation if at all possible. We accomplish so much when we meet face to face. Please read this recent blog post about the advantages of traveling to Dr. Jacobs for a gynecomastia consultation.

If Your Home is Far from Boca Raton

If you live across the continent or even in another country, don’t be discouraged. While it’s best to meet in person well before your surgery date, we can develop a strategy remotely for your gynecomastia surgery in Florida if we work closely together.

Using email, we’ll request a complete medical history, ask lots of questions about your case and request that you send us about ten different photos of your chest. We then reply with a recommendation and a quote, and we make time to answer all your questions. We can also have an appointment by phone, Skype or Facetime. Along the way, we’ll let you know what kind of tests we’ll want you to have to ensure your safety.

Should you decide to move ahead, we’ll ask for a deposit and schedule surgery. You’ll need to fly in to meet with us one or two days before the procedure. At that time, we’ll confirm our plan for surgery, answer any remaining questions and prepare you for the big day. We’ll ask you to remain nearby for several days of follow up, and we’ll plan how to keep in close touch during the remainder of your recovery.

We conduct the remote portions of the protocol for out of town patients as meticulously as possible. In the event we should decide not to go ahead when a guy has traveled to our offices, we would return their deposit. You’ll be glad to know this has never happened!

How Does It All Work Out?

So, do patients who fly in for gynecomastia surgery in Boca Raton with us get good results? Even those with challenging cases? Yes! Read this account from a guy from Sweden to learn more. Or this one from another patient we worked with several years ago.

Our staff is experienced in helping with travel arrangements and accommodations for patients who travel to Boca Raton. We can even arrange for someone to stay with you overnight after your procedure if needed. Contact us to find out more today.

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