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Gynecomastia Surgery After Weight Loss

Written by Dr. Jacobs

Every guy’s body responds differently to weight fluctuations, but it’s a pretty sure bet that most men who approach their weight loss goal aren’t happy with the look of their chest. If you’re among this group, this is not your fault! Male breasts tend to be one of the last places to shed fat, for one thing. Furthermore, excess fat tends to prompt breast tissue growth, and once the gland is there, only surgery can remove it.

Gynecomastia Surgery. After Weight Loss - Before and After Photos - man (frontal view)

Some weight loss patients have additional issues they’d like to address, such as redundant skin or fat deposits on the sides of the chest. All these factors highlight the need for weight loss patients to work with a plastic surgeon who is highly skilled in male breast reduction, like Dr. Elliot Jacobs. Creating natural masculine contours takes a good deal of experience; with patients who have gained and lost weight, it can be all the more challenging.

Gynecomastia Surgery. After Weight Loss - Before and After Photos - man (left side, oblique view)

Weight Loss Patients with Gynecomastia

Generally speaking, our formerly overweight Boca Ratan gynecomastia patients fall into one of two categories:

  • Guys whose skin is likely to bounce back into place during the healing process

    Men who have gained and lost a modest amount of weight and/or who have good skin quality may find discover that after surgery their skin tightens up. In fact, the process begins on the operating table!

    For these patients, Dr. Jacobs uses a combination of gland removal plus liposuction with his own specially designed instruments, leaving tiny, nearly invisible scars. Re-sculpting a masculine appearance can include banishing fat from nearby areas as needed.

    Gynecomastia Surgery. After Weight Loss - Before and After Photos - male (frontal view)
  • Patients whose skin may not regain a taut appearance after gynecomastia surgery

    In consultation with some formerly heavy patients, Dr. Jacobs may feel certain or at least suspect that their skin will not be quite so cooperative. When guys have loose flaps of skin that seem “empty” reconstruction is often a good strategy. The procedure often involves removing redundant skin and repositioning nipples into their proper place. We discuss the tradeoff of larger scars for a shapelier looking chest with these patients.

    Men who clearly have a case of gynecomastia remaining after weight loss may opt to have minimal scar surgery and see how well the skin responds during the recovery period. If their appearance is too saggy after several months, we can consider a second procedure.

    Gynecomastia Surgery. After Weight Loss - Before and After Photos - male (left side, oblique view)

Choosing Your Surgeon

When it comes to male breast reduction after weight loss, you have an important role to play: selecting your plastic surgeon carefully. Dr. Jacobs always advises patients to view dozens of before and after gynecomastia photos and take a careful look at the credentials of prospective plastic surgeons. Then, in consultation, be ready to have an open, honest exchange about surgical options and your expectations.

Dr. Jacobs has performed thousands of male breast reduction surgeries during the past three decades for all kinds of guys. Our fly-in program can assist you if you don’t live near Florida. Contact us to find out more.

Gynecomastia Surgery - After Weight Loss - Before and After Photos - male (frontal view)

Male Breast Reduction FAQ

  • What is recovery like?

    Recovery from male breast reduction is smooth for most guys, as long as they follow instructions. An important key is not to do too much too soon and invite additional swelling to occur. Most men are able to return to light activity in just a few days, with working out and more strenuous pursuits added about four weeks post-op.

  • How can I tell if I’ll need skin removal that will leave scars?

    The short answer is that you can’t be sure what surgical plan will be best for you – a careful examination with an experienced gynecomastia surgeon is required. Generally, though, if you have lost a substantial amount of weight and your breasts now seem quite saggy with nipples out of position, you may need to consider skin removal. Some patients have a choice between minimal scar surgery with results that are better than before, and more aggressive surgery that will produce excellent contours with additional scars.

  • Why does Dr. Jacobs treat so many gynecomastia patients?

    When Dr. Jacobs began his plastic surgery career thirty years ago, he was dismayed about how few surgeons could help men with enlarged breasts and how poor surgical results tended to be. He worked on perfecting male breast reduction and designing his own instruments for the procedure. Now, although most cosmetic surgeons do accept patients with gynecomastia, few treat hundreds each year as Dr. Jacobs does.

    Gynecomastia Surgery - After Weight Loss - Before and After Photos - male (left side, oblique view)
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