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Guys with Moobs: Get Holistic!

Guys with Moobs: Get Holistic!

No, we’re not talking about banishing your man boobs through spiritual practices or trying herbal remedies to get rid of unwanted breast tissue. We’re simply noting that evaluating your chest as a whole—rather than simply targeting your gynecomastia as the issue—can result in a much better surgical outcome. In fact, when we work with patients with moobs in New York, we take into account many factors, including the whole body and particularly the entire chest.

Just as you wouldn’t choose a new haircut or decide to grow a beard without pondering how it will harmonize with the rest of your appearance, you shouldn’t plan man boob surgery without considering your entire torso. Once your moobs are gone, what will your chest look like? Are there other spots that could use some attention as well? Will your plastic surgeon be able to address them?

Strategic Liposuction

“It’s very common for men with gynecomastia to have an additional amount of fat extending around the side of the chest,” we told one member of several years ago. When this is the case with New York moob patients we explain that “it would not look good to treat the gyne and ignore the fat on the side of the chest – you would end up flat and contoured on your chest with bulges of fat on the sides.”

The cannula we use—one of our own design—is a powerful tool in resculpting the upper torso. We start with a very tiny incision at the side of the chest. Through this small nick, we can perform both liposuction under the armpits and throughout the man boobs. The cannula we developed is fine and sharp, and it can remove small amounts of breast gland as well.

If there’s additional gland tissue the instruments can’t reach adequately through the lateral chest incision, it’s a simple matter to make another tiny cut around the edge of the areola to remove it. These incisions heal to be very nearly invisible.

Around the Torso

When sculpting of the upper chest is not quite enough to slim the torso, we might suggest adding liposuction of the belly and love handles. We take equally good care with incisions lower on the abdomen, placing them inside the belly button and below the bathing suit line. Through these, we can reach fat deposits that create love handles as well as a belly “pooch.” The cannulas we use in this case have rounded tips; they push nerves and major blood vessels aside to minimize tissue trauma. The goal is a thin, uniform layer of fat and skin with stray fat pockets and bulges eliminated.

When we work on the entire chest and abdomen and love handles, we often refer to the procedure as a torsoplasty. You can see some before and after liposuction photos showing an entire chest tune-up here.

In fact, in recent times this combination surgery for guys has been dubbed a “daddy makeover” or “daddy do-over.” Whatever you call it, the procedure is safe and effective in the hands of a board certified plastic surgeon who’s a gynecomastia expert and has plenty of liposuction experience as well.

A Word About Fat

When we work with overweight guys with moobs in New York, careful evaluation and an in-depth conversation about goals is a must. Some guys who carry extra pounds are not too bothered by their weight—they simply want to reduce the size of their breasts to be more comfortable and perhaps feel that they can work out at the gym without embarrassment. For these patients, we can plan surgery to minimize their man boobs as long as their goals are realistic and no additional health obstacles stand in the way.

Obese guys who envision a sculpted, toned body overall are another matter. We may decide together that losing weight before a torsoplasty procedure is the right strategy. Or, we might decide to reduce the man boobs, see how the skin tightens and the weight loss proceeds, then decide of additional cosmetic surgery is warranted. In a second surgery, we might need to tighten droopy breast skin and/or we may determine that liposuction of various areas of the torso is needed to tackle leftover pockets of fat. Find information and photos of overweight guys with man boobs here.

One more thing we always tell our New York moob patients battling the fat: plastic surgeons can only help with fat that lies under the skin. This tissue—subcutaneous fat—is the tissue we can address with cannulas. Fat located deep within the abdomen, called visceral fat, cannot be reduced with cosmetic surgery. The way to address this tissue is via weight loss. It’s well worth doing as visceral fat can negatively impact internal organs.

Looking for a plan for your entire upper body? Why not contact us and let’s start a conversation. You could be on your way to a whole new shape in no time.

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