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Four Steps to a Quick Gynecomastia Surgery Recovery

Four Steps to a Quick Gynecomastia Surgery Recovery

One universal goal our New York gynecomastia patients have is a smooth and speedy recovery. Here are the four steps we advise our patients to take to help ensure a quick recovery – and a great result.

Step 1: Prepare Thoroughly for Male Breast Reduction

Preparing for gynecomastia surgery is a process in itself. Once you’ve found an experienced male breast reduction surgeon, make note of his or her instructions and follow them. They will include paying attention to your nutrition prior to surgery, getting plenty of rest and limiting alcohol intake. It also means quitting or at least suspending smoking if you do smoke. Your plastic surgeon will have these and other pre-op guidelines for you.

In addition, give some thought to your personal needs. You will want someone to pick you up after your procedure and be close by to help you – perhaps prepare a meal or walk your dog – should you need it. You may also want to collect books, movies and other materials to help you take it easy for a few days.

Step 2: Get Plenty of Rest After Gynecomastia Surgery

Even though male breast reduction is less invasive than many other types of surgery, you will still need some time to recover from this “controlled trauma.” Resting allows your body to devote its resources to the healing process.

Resting, especially upright, helps with another post-surgical objective: controlling swelling. And the more measures you take to limit swelling, the faster your new, sleek look will appear.

Step 3: Limit Your Movements

Most men are very eager to get back to their normal lives, including exercise, as soon as possible following gynecomastia surgery. While this is understandable, be advised that doing too much too soon definitely leads to increased swelling, and can lead to complications.

It’s well worth it in the long run to limit your movements after male breast reduction. This means avoiding raising your arms and lifting much weight. It also means bypassing anything aerobic for a few weeks. It’s important to understand that elevated blood pressure also contributes to swelling, so it’s not enough to simply avoid weight lifting. It can also contribute to a late hematoma (bleeding under the skin), which can occur days or even weeks after surgery.

Step 4: Listen to your Gynecomastia Surgeon

No matter what your man boobs may look like, no matter what specific concerns you may have and no matter what happens along the way from consultation to recovery, if you’ve chosen your plastic surgeon wisely he or she will be well equipped to advise you. Listen carefully to their counsel.

To learn more about gynecomastia surgery and recovery, visit our website devoted to male breast reduction and take a look at the extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions.

In our Manhattan practice, we perform hundreds of male breast reduction surgeries each year and find working with patients like you extremely gratifying. We would like the chance to assist you with your own unique case of gynecomastia, whether New York is your home or you live thousands of miles away. Fill out our short form online to get started.

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