When you come to consult with us in New York City for gynecomastia surgery, we know you’ll be wondering whether you’ll be content with the results. Some patients ask us about this directly and some keep thoughts to themselves – either way, this is the number one question each one considers.
For a very large majority of the men we work with, the answer is a resounding “yes.” In post-op visits, patients express emotions ranging from relief to joy. Your own individual level of satisfaction with gynecomastia surgery, however, depends at least as much on you as it does on us. Here are two leading factors to consider.
First, give some thought to your expectations. Male breast reduction surgery will produce sleeker, more masculine chest contours, but it won’t turn you into a magazine model. Gynecomastia surgery will likely help reduce or even eliminate embarrassment in a variety of situations, and it may very well assist you in gaining confidence in your appearance. But this doesn’t necessarily happen automatically. You may need to do some internal “processing” to become accustomed to your new look.
Equally important, consider the part man boobs play in your life now and how this may carry over to your feelings about the results of surgery. It’s understandable if you feel distress about the current appearance of your chest, and you’re certainly not alone if you go to some trouble to disguise your man boobs. But reflect on how much impact your physique has on your day-to-day life. Do you think about your moobs many times throughout the day? Do you constantly compare your appearance to the way other men look? Do you feel the look of your chest is the leading factor in your general happiness with life?
If an objective evaluation of questions like these suggests that you may be overly preoccupied with your man boobs, then there’s a chance you may feel hypercritical of the results of male breast reduction surgery as well. We have seen it happen with a few of our New York City gynecomastia patients. Once in a while a patient will feel a great deal of anxiety about swelling, or perhaps symmetry, when the reality is that their body is healing appropriately and the outcome of surgery looks completely normal to others.
It can benefit some patients to see a psychologist for help in evaluating feelings, preparing for surgery and working through the process of becoming comfortable in a new body. Whether you feel you have a handle on your needs or not, don’t hesitate to arrange a consultation with us. We have worked with nearly 2,000 gynecomastia patients over many years, and we can help you create a plan for surgery and support.

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