As a New York plastic surgery practice, we see our share of women and men who have lived with features that cause embarrassment, even shame. Ironically, both sexes can be plagued with unhappiness about large breasts.
For women, overdevelopment of this feminine attribute can cause a number of physical problems, as well as unwanted attention that can be very difficult to bear. For men, the issues aren’t so much physical as psychological, as gynecomastia, or “woman like breasts,” is a condition that can pose a real obstacle to developing a healthy masculine self-image.
Teens who consult us about gynecomastia in New York often strike us as the most troubled patients of all. The appearance of womanly breasts at such a challenging time can be devastating.
A quick browse of the Internet will give you a taste of what teen boys experience as they struggle with man boobs. Those who blog about their condition or post questions on various websites use words like “humiliation” and describe their attempts at concealment in heartbreaking terms.
One additional challenge many teens face is a lack of thorough understanding of gynecomastia on the part of their primary physician. Unfortunately, we have heard tales of doctors assuring their young patients that their moobs will eventually go away, even when they have persisted for one or two years. Other doctors sometimes assure hefty adolescents that losing weight will do the trick – most often it doesn’t work out that way.
Not convinced how devastating man boobs can be for a young man? Read some of the letters plastic surgeons who support have received from patients and their moms. You’ll discover the impact male breast reduction can have on a teen’s life, and you’ll also see why gynecomastia surgeons enjoy their work so much. It’s incredibly gratifying to hear a patient’s mom say you’ve given her son “back his life.”
We work with literally hundreds of men and teens with gynecomastia in our New York City plastic surgery practice. If you’d like to consult us, complete our simple contact form or call our Park Avenue office at 561-367-9101.
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