Not many guys with moobs need to be told about the benefits of gynecomastia surgery. The coveted masculine contours are front and center in their thoughts every day. That’s why you don’t see dozens of blog posts from us about what life after male breast reduction is like— our New York man boob patients often imagine it’s obvious.
The topic actually is worth stopping to think about, however, since the dream of a chest without moobs can loom so large that it eclipses some potential benefits. Here are second level advantages to consider, and even some side benefits you may never have thought about.

More Advantages of Gynecomastia Surgery

• Improved self-image
Oftentimes, a case of gynecomastia acts like a huge barrier to developing a healthy self-image, particularly for younger guys. With worry about getting teased and the perceived need to hide the condition, it can be next to impossible for a young man’s personality to develop naturally. After a period of adjustment time, many guys simply blossom following gynecomastia surgery, discovering new friends, interests, and activities they would have never thought to go after.
• Renewed interest in fitness
We often hear that our New York man boob patients feel unable to be as active as they’d like due to embarrassment, discomfort or both. Many forgo options like working out at the gym, running or golf— and few are the guys with moobs who seek out opportunities to swim. We’re happy when our patients report they can get back to getting the exercise they enjoy, and we’re delighted when they feel motivated to pursue a level of fitness they’’ve never experienced before.
Here’s a review by one of our patients on RealSelf, getting in “the best shape of my life.”

Surprising Benefits of Life without Man Boobs

Our New York patients report experiencing pleasant surprises they were not always expecting after recovering from male breast reduction. Some of them are:
• Enthusiasm for clothing
What we hear about clothing in initial consultations are all the tops a patient feels he can’t wear. Or, all the tops he may put on at once to try to disguise his case of moobs. After surgery, this problem goes away, and for some, a newfound enthusiasm for clothing emerges. One of our memorable patients, Michael, went on a mini shopping spree for colorful tank tops after surgery!
• Better posture
After years of slumping over to help hide enlarged breasts, guys may straighten up readily. More often, a little help is in order to regain good posture. We wrote an article about a year ago with some suggestions: find it here. And, we suggest reviewing this piece by a writer for the Mayo Clinic that shows you how to check your posture and highlights the benefits of straightening up.
• Peace of mind and body
It goes without saying that gynecomastia triggers anxiety for many guys and patients look forward to having the mental space to focus on other things. But did you know that long-term anxiety can actually cause serious health problems? According to Healthline, nearly every system in the body— including the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system, the immune system and even the central nervous system— can be negatively impacted by anxiety lasting a long period of time. And social anxiety disorder and chronic depression can develop too.
While most patients aren’t affected this dramatically, gynecomastia surgery can be an important step in regaining physical and psychological health for some guys. When we identify a patient with man boobs and long-term anxiety, with perhaps some related physical challenges, we recommend a visit to the primary care physician for a checkup and counseling along with male breast reduction.
It’s unfortunate that gynecomastia, which is almost always physically benign, can affect some patients in a rather extreme way. If it sounds like you, don’t feel ashamed about it. The impact of having a body feature that’s perceived as feminine can be very difficult to bear, as can teasing and other abusive treatment.
Be assured that we understand completely. Having worked with guys with man boobs in New York for more than 30 years, we have seen and heard it all. Even more important, we know how to deliver great results from male breast reduction no matter what your size and shape may be. Give us a call at 561-367-9101 to set up an appointment to get acquainted.

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