If you’re struggling with a case of man boobs and thinking about surgery, and if you have read every bit of information you can get your hands on, you will have spotted a favorite phrase of plastic surgeons: realistic expectations.
Perhaps you’ve developed a cynical streak along with your gynecomastia and you suspect plastic surgeons emphasize this concept because the results they deliver may not be “perfect.” In a sense, that’s true. Even if you elect male breast reduction in NYC with us or with another very experienced gynecomastia specialist, you will probably not end up looking like a candidate for Mr. Universe. Unless you already did prior to surgery.
The fact is, plastic surgeons actually caution their patients to focus on realistic expectations because people sometimes have a hard time with the concept. Some have the hope that part of their body (or even their entire appearance) will be completely transformed by cosmetic surgery and they’ll look totally different than they did before.
This can be the case with guys who have gynecomastia. In talking with the hundreds of men with moobs who consult us each year, we generally find two contributing factors:
1. Men who are troubled by their enlarged breasts tend to think about their condition frequently, wondering whether their chest looks better when it’s cold, how their moobs look when they flex and so on. They consider various disguise strategies. They ponder whether losing or gaining weight might help. They look in the mirror often. In other words, they obsess about their man boobs.
2. It can take years for a man to commit to male breast reduction. Although some guys are interested in surgical and non-invasive ways to change their appearance, most men still hesitate to consider plastic surgery. It’s a big step for these guys to schedule a procedure. This can contribute to heightened expectations.
We often find that if a patient was obsessed before surgery, he tends to continue the trend while recovering from male breast reduction. He may scrutinize his chest with an extremely critical eye, disregarding the fact that even if he had not had moobs in the first place, his torso would not have been perfect.
If this discussion hits close to home for you, read on. Here’s what you need to know before gynecomastia surgery to help ensure you are satisfied afterward:
– Asymmetry is the norm rather than the exception when it comes to the human form. Prior to surgery, it’s almost guaranteed that the two sides of your chest will differ somewhat in one or more of these areas: amount of breast tissue, nipple position, amount of excess skin, shape of the rib cage and muscle development. You can expect some slight differences to persist after surgery.
– No matter how experienced your plastic surgeon may be, he or she cannot say with certainty how your body will heal. The formation of scar tissue is particularly unpredictable – the good news is that excess scar tissue can usually be treated with injections.
– When you choose to work with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in gynecomastia and has hundreds of satisfied patients, you can expect your results to range from “much better” to “excellent,” but probably not “perfect.”
No doubt you want your plastic surgeon to be honest with you about the results you can anticipate. In turn, be honest with yourself and your doctor about what you expect to look like after surgery. If you’re one of those guys who might go a little overboard in focusing on your man boobs, talk about this with your surgeon during your consultation. If you are seeking perfect results – completely symmetrical without a trace of a scar – then perhaps you should re-consider whether gynecomastia surgery is right for you.

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