You see the side of weight loss where it’s like amazing that this person lost all this weight, but you never see what happens…
Opting to bare his torso and thighs in a YouTube video, a young man from Southern California recently showed the world what loose skin looks like after massive weight loss. Interviewed on CNN about his decision to go public with his body after losing 160 pounds, he declared his saggy skin a “badge of honor.”
The video offers a startling look at the inside story of weight loss – what’s inside a patient’s clothing, that is. As more Americans commit to journey from obesity to good health, more are faced with the challenge of excess skin. Some wear it with pride, some learn to live with it and some choose body contouring plastic surgery as a finishing touch.
Having performed plastic surgery in New York City for more than 30 years, we are pleased to meet an increasing number of men who have successfully shed dozens of pounds and are interested in finding out how body contouring can help with the leftover skin. Some of the leading procedures we recommend for these patients include:
Male breast reduction: Guys who gain a great deal of weight inevitably develop gynecomastia. The excess tissue typically includes a combination of breast gland and fat, and after dropping the pounds most men need a combination of recontouring, skin removal and nipple repositioning. Gynecomastia surgery is one of our specialties, and we are adept at helping weight loss patients regain a masculine appearance.
Abdominoplasty: Tummy tuck surgery is one of the most frequently performed procedures for men (and women) after massive weight loss. In addition to a big psychological boost, removing excess belly skin and tightening muscles provides a number of physical benefits such as increased comfort with exercise, better fitting clothes, reduced rashes and chafing and so on.
Thigh lift: Many patients find they have stubborn fat pockets as well as saggy skin around the thighs after weight loss. The inner thighs can be particularly troublesome for formerly obese individuals. A thigh lift can banish the extra skin and light liposuction can eliminate remaining fat deposits.
Arm lift: Since upper arm skin is rather thin and delicate, most people experience some sagginess as they age. The more pounds are gain and lost, the worse flabby upper arms can look. Although arm lift surgery may not be as high a priority for many patients as a tummy tuck, for instance, reshaping the upper arms can vastly improve the look of these highly visible features.
Formerly obese guys share some common concerns when it comes to body contouring after weight loss. One is surgical scarring – this is a topic we address in detail during consultations. Many patients also have special health considerations, and we are happy to address those and interface with other physicians as needed. It’s not at all unusual for guys to choose more than one procedure, and we are accustomed to helping people with budget and financing plans.
Oh the other hand, every post weight loss patient is a unique individual, and working with each one is a rewarding experience. We enjoy creating a surgical plan to meet the exact needs of each guy – combining procedures where it makes sense, advising on timing, strategizing about recovery and much more.
Working with weight loss patients is gratifying. These men are uniquely motivated and determined, and they take pleasure in their accomplishment, as they should. There’s no better feeling than helping a guy put the finishing touches on a healthy body!

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