When our New York male breast reduction patients ask how long surgery will take, our answer is – as you might guess – “it all depends.”
Like almost any kind of surgery, some procedures are more complicated and take longer than others.  The spectrum goes something like this:
Liposuction only:  In the rare cases in which there’s no excess breast gland and patients’ man boobs are made up solely of fatty tissue, liposuction may be the only technique required.  We carefully remove excess fat and sculpt the remaining tissue to look naturally masculine.  These cases generally about an hour or a little longer.
Liposuction and gland excision:  The great majority of our New York male breast reduction patients need both liposuction and gland excision.  Great care must be taken to eliminate the right amount of breast gland to smooth puffy nipples or full-blown man boobs without creating craters or other defects.  This surgery usually takes 60-90 minutes.
Revision gynecomastia surgery:  Re-doing another plastic surgeon’s work generally takes more time than the original operation.  Once incisions are made, we evaluate scar tissue and determine the best way to re-sculpt problem areas.  Most often we utilize both liposuction and excision, and many times we reposition existing fat as well.  Each revision procedure is unique, but generally we plan for 90 minutes to two hours of surgery time.
Obese and post weight loss patients:  For men who are significantly overweight – or who used to be obese but successfully shed the pounds – it’s impossible to generalize about how long male breast reduction surgery will take.  The customized strategy we develop with our patients takes into account factors like their skin elasticity, tolerance for scarring, lifestyle and additional weight loss plans.  Sometimes we even create a two-stage surgical plan.
There’s another fundamental reason we don’t like to forecast how long gynecomastia surgery will take.  That’s because we can’t be 100% certain about what’s underneath the skin until we get inside those man boobs.  While some gynecomastia surgeons say they know what patients need before the first incision is made, we prefer to wait and see exactly what we find.  With instruments of our own design, we are ready with a variety of techniques to create the more masculine look our patients seek.
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