After thirty years of experience performing man boob surgery in New York, talking with men and boys with moobs and advising members of, we are confident we’ve heard about all the treatment options and “remedies” available out there. We’re happy to share our input with you, so you can understand more about what works and what doesn’t.
Pills and creams: Pills and topical treatments available on the Internet—most having “gyne” in their name—just don’t work. They are effective only for slimming your wallet. Save your money.
Hormones and breast cancer medication: Because gynecomastia is tied to hormonal imbalances, it can be tempting to try testosterone boosters or supplements that change hormone levels to reduce breast growth. We strongly advise against doing this. The body’s endocrine system is delicately balanced, and self-medication is a very bad idea.
We offer the same advice for guys who want to try tamoxifen or other drugs used to prevent breast cancer recurrence in women. There has been some anecdotal success with these medications, but as of now, there have been no studies on how to use them, let alone efficacy or long-term results. Don’t even think about trying hormone therapy or breast cancer meds if you’re not under expert medical care.
Exercise and dieting: Many of our New York man boob patients throw themselves into a diet/exercise routine to try to reduce their enlarged breasts. We applaud the idea! A fit, trim body is good for health and overall well-being. There’s only one problem: exercise and weight loss don’t work as man boob reducers, and can even make the problem worse.
We’ve written about this a few times in our blog. In short, fat cells generate estrogen, often causing breast tissue that persists after weight loss and can look very prominent. Furthermore, pumping iron can make nubs of breast tissue all the more noticeable. Not only that, fat tends to be stubborn for men all over the torso, just like women tend to have trouble reducing hips and thighs. Read more on this topic here.

Liposuction and non-invasive fat removal:
One of the largest groups of dissatisfied gynecomastia patients on is made up of guys who opt for liposuction or a non-invasive fat treatment for their enlarged breasts. Traditional liposuction may be able to remove small amounts of the gland, depending on the cosmetic surgeon’s technique and instruments, but we caution patients whose doctor says they will perform lipo only before the procedure. It’s impossible to know exactly “what’s in there” prior to getting under the skin, even for an experienced gynecomastia specialist. Both doctor and patient need to be ready for whatever amount of liposuction and gland excision is required for smooth, natural-looking contours. Read a story about a typical liposuction experience here.
Non-invasive techniques for removing fat (such as CoolSculpting) are even more of a crapshoot. Just where and how much fat will be eliminated tends to be unpredictable with these options, and they don’t touch gland tissue at all.
Gynecomastia surgery: By now you know what we’re going to say here—gynecomastia surgery is the tried and true answer for our New York man boob patients and for just about every other guy with enlarged breasts around the world. We don’t just say that because we perform male breast reduction at least weekly and see the results ourselves, but also because we perform surgery and revision gynecomastia surgery for patients who have tried every other option.
While gynecomastia surgery is real surgery, in our Manhattan practice we strive to make it as smooth an experience as possible. We perform the procedure in our private, fully accredited surgical suite, with a highly-experienced team of professionals who work seamlessly together. We use twilight or IV sedation to avoid the general anesthesia “hangover” for our patients. And we work with a finance company that can help with a reasonable payment plan. Just think, no messing with your internal systems, no disappointing surgical results—just a one-and-done procedure and you’ll never have to think about man boobs again.
Send us some information about your case. We would love to meet you and determine together whether man boob surgery in New York is the right step.

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