It’s the million-dollar question each prospective gynecomastia patient ponders: will I be happy if I choose surgery? We hear it in various forms in our New York man boob consultations:

    • What are the revision rates for gynecomastia surgery?
    • Are guys usually satisfied with male breast reduction?
    • What are the leading reasons patients elect gynecomastia revision?

We are in a good position to talk with men about these topics as we perform hundreds of primary and revision gynecomastia surgeries in New York each year. Here’s what we typically discuss with guys concerned about whether they’ll be content with their results.

Gynecomastia Revision Rates

In our practice, we very seldom actually revise a procedure. If one of our patients needs extra attention it’s usually to keep an eye on a pocket of fluid or perhaps inject medication to improve a scar. We do, however, perform gynecomastia revision in New York for patients who initially chose another plastic surgeon—at least a few dozen times annually. That’s just our own experience.

There’s a surprising scarcity of information on revision rates in medical literature. Even the professional societies don’t collect these numbers. We did find a study published a decade ago in the Annals of Plastic Surgery that’s relevant. Several Taiwanese researchers investigated the results of 41 patients who underwent surgery with various techniques. The overall revision rate of this group of men was just under 5%. Though there are unanswered questions—such as whether there may have been patients less than satisfied who did not seek additional surgery—a 5% revision rate seems in the general ballpark to us.

Satisfaction with Gynecomastia Surgery

RealSelf is a good place to find out quantitative and qualitative information about gynecomastia surgery satisfaction. Male breast reduction is 96% “worth it,” according to more than 1,300 guys who reviewed their procedure.

If you explore RealSelf, be aware of which section of the site you’re visiting. When you read through some of the questions for participating doctors, it may seem as if there are many unhappy man boob patients (in addition to the pre-op guys seeking input). Just remember that happy post-op patients don’t need to ask questions.
Visit the reviews section of the information on gynecomastia and you’ll get a different view. You will see guys writing in to warn people away from certain practices and techniques, to be sure. But overwhelmingly you’ll find reviews including words like “amazing,” “excellent,” and “outstanding!” Here’s where patients will advise you, “Don’t wait; do it now.” You’ll get a better feel for the 96% “worth it” rating.

Reasons for Gynecomastia Revisions

At this point you may be wondering what prompts patients to seek a do-over and how you can be sure you’re not one of them. The majority of poor outcomes we treat involve irregular contours of some kind:

Not enough tissue is removed.

Inexperienced plastic surgeons attempting man boob surgery are sometimes afraid to be aggressive. The result can be too much tissue left behind. This happens often with breast gland under the nipple/areola complex—guys bemoan these persistent “puffy nipples.”

Too much tissue is removed.

When a doctor inadvertently creates little valleys in the tissues under the skin, the result can be one or both of these:

o Crater deformities

These depressions are often located under or near the nipples, but can occur elsewhere on the breast as well. Craters are one of the chief complaints of our New York gynecomastia revision patients and they’re challenging to treat.

o Tethers

When so much tissue is removed that the skin lies right on top of the chest muscle, it can become tethered in place with scar tissue. This means the skin stays unnaturally anchored when muscles and skin are in motion.

The Fix

The very best way to make sure you don’t need gynecomastia revision in New York with us is to choose a plastic surgeon who is highly skilled and get good results the first time. Not just a great plastic surgeon—a gynecomastia specialist. It takes skill, experience and focus to remove the right amount of tissue and leave a thin, evenly-sculpted layer of fat under the skin. But this is what it means to perform male breast reduction correctly.

Look for a surgeon who performs at least 50 gynecomastia surgeries each year; and more is better. Carefully examine their before and after gynecomastia photos and ask detailed questions about their experience.

If you find yourself needing a do-over, it’s even more critical to choose a gynecomastia specialist. In New York, we use skills gained over three decades of man boob surgery, plus our own specially-developed instruments, to correct problems like puffy nipples and craters. Call us at 561-367-9101 for a consultation. We can even meet with you initially online, and we routinely work with patients from out of the area. We would be pleased to see if we can help.

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