What can you say about a statistic that remains about the same year after year? In the case of the number of men electing gynecomastia surgery in New York and across the nation, one way to characterize the group is “holding steady.”
That’s just what the recently released annual statistics of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) indicate about male breast reduction: the tallyhas remained pretty much the same for the last few years. The recently released statistics for 2011peglast year’s gynecomastia surgeries at 17,645, just over 600 fewer than in 2010. That’s not much change, especially when you consider current economic conditions.
The ASAPS began collecting statistics on cosmetic surgery in 1997, 15 years ago. The number of men seeking surgery for man boobs has grown 58% during the decade and a half, with much of that growth occurring during the first part of that period.
Our own experience performing gynecomastia surgery in New York reflects a similar pattern with a couple of key differences. For one, we have been performing gynecomastia surgery and observing trends for 30 years – twice the period measured by the ASAPS. In addition, we specialize in male breast reduction and perform far more of these operations than the average cosmetic surgeon.
With those differences in mind, we can echo the findings of the ASAPS. When we founded our plastic surgery practice in Manhattan three decades ago, few men were seeking help for moobs. We knew it was partly because cosmetic surgery for men was not as popular as it is today, but we also learned that many men who chose the procedure found their results to be disappointing. Wanting to help, we developed specialized instruments for male breast reduction and set about perfecting the technique.
In the early years of our practice, the number of patients we treated grew rapidly. Plastic surgeons meet many of their patients through referrals from other patients, and we found that to be especially true with men struggling with gynecomastia. As our reputation developed, more men came in to consult with us.
Today, our gynecomastia patient base remains rather steady, although we perform hundreds of male breast reductions annually rather than a few dozen done by the majority of cosmetic surgeons. We especially enjoy banishing man boobs for our patients, feeling almost as much pleasure in their new bodies as they do! If you’d like to see what we might do for you, give us a call at 561-367-9101.

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