Some of our New York gynecomastia patients express concern about wearing a compression garment after male breast reduction surgery. We completely understand the drive to be free of man boobs and all that goes with them, including reminders of gynecomastia surgery. It’s an exciting vision!
But we hasten to explain that wearing a compression vest around the clock for at least a month is essential. In fact, its as much a part of achieving an excellent result as any other aspect of surgery.
Here’s why.
Body tissues naturally react to injury by oozing and swelling. And while gynecomastia surgery is trauma that’s planned, and we perform our procedures with a gentle touch and minimal incisions, every patient can expect at least some swelling.
The best weapon we have to combat swelling is pressure – ongoing, consistent pressure. A compression vest serves to:
– Stop tissues from oozing excess fluid
– Keep swelling to an absolute minimum
– Help the skin tighten up to sleeker contours
– Encourage the skin to re-adhere to underlying tissues
As another compelling incentive to wear the compression garment faithfully, we explain that doing so means the men we work with almost never need surgical drains. Our New York gynecomastia patients are pleased to hear that – no one is thrilled with the thought of having drains for a few days after their procedure.
We fit our patients with a compression vest at the time of male breast reduction surgery and instruct them to wear it 24/7 for about a month, except in the shower. The garments are comfortable and not noticeable under clothes.
All our patients want, and deserve, the best possible outcome from surgery. This means avoiding complications and speeding healing time. That’s the function of compression vests, and wearing one for a few weeks is a small price to pay.

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