The questions we field about man boobs run the gamut–whether we are responding to postings on community-oriented sites like or seeing New York gynecomastia patients in our offices in Manhattan. One question that’s brought up fairly often is whether gynecomastia surgery can still be performed if a patient has another medical condition.
Our answer is often–though not always–yes.
In fact, we have operated on men with high blood pressure, heart disease, prostate cancer and other medical conditions. Even HIV positive patients can often safely elect to have gynecomastia surgery.
If you’re under treatment for a medical condition and would like to have male breast reduction surgery, there are a few considerations in making the decision to move forward. First and most important is getting clearance from your primary care physician or specialist. Oftentimes a thorough physical is recommended; sometimes a brief check up is all that’s required. If you should choose to have surgery with us in New York for gynecomastia,we will be happy to coordinate with your regular doctor as needed, particularly regarding any medications you may be taking.
In addition, it’s important to determine whether you may have an underlying medical condition that contributes to your gynecomastia–such as liver disease, kidney disease and thyroid conditions. Most often this is not the case with our patients. During your consultation, we will examine you thoroughly and take a complete medical history. If there is any concern about a possible undiagnosed condition, we will refer you to another physician.
Another factor that comes into play is your overall strategy for taking care of your health. Not surprisingly, we find that men who manage a health condition tend to invest in their physical and psychological well-being. If you’re one of these people, you probably watch your weight, eat right, refrain from bad habits and get regular exercise. All those moves are extremely helpful in getting the “thumbs up” for surgery. If there are ways you could be doing better, plan some changes before thinking seriously about male breast reduction or any other elective procedure.
Our approach to gynecomastia surgery is relatively low impact. We use intravenous or “twilight” sedation for almost all patients, avoiding the additional stress of general anesthesia. Our procedures usually take no more than 90 minutes, require very small incisions and involve just mild to moderate discomfort during the immediate post-op period. Most of our patients are not only quite pleased with their results, they report an easy recovery as well.
While most of our procedures tend to follow a similar surgical plan, we do customize surgery based on the needs of each individual. If you would be more comfortable having gynecomastia surgery in a hospital rather than on an outpatient basis, that can be arranged. If general anesthesia is best for you, you can elect that option as well.
Board certified plastic surgeons who specialize in gynecomastia surgery should be experienced in handling patients of all kinds, including those with underlying medical conditions. If you would like to consult with us, call our offices at 561-367-9101 or simply fill out our short contact form.

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