A recent patient, Shaun, wrote to us about how comfortable he found it to work with us. We were delighted to hear this! Putting New York gynecomastia patients at ease is a priority in our practice. We are well aware that many guys with moobs never dreamed they’d actually cross the threshold of a plastic surgeon’s office, and it’s wonderful to know that this patient’s experience with gynecomastia surgery went just as we plan for every one of them to go.

From the Top Down

All of us—from surgeon to front office professionals—do our best to be accessible and reassuring to each guy. Patients often have anxiety over more than one aspect of surgery: discomfort, anesthesia, results and more. We all make it a point to explain everything in great detail, over and over if needed. The more knowledge, the less fear.

Communication is Key

Our surgical coordinator, Cathy Corrigan, works hand in hand with all our New York gynecomastia patients and has done so for many years. Therefore, not only does she understand the entire surgical process thoroughly, she knows how guys feel too. She spends a great deal of time with each patient, talking with them in person, on the phone and via email. It’s her role to accompany each one on his journey.

Caring for Every Patient

When the big day arrives and patients’ worries may be at their peak, they meet David Calvello, the anesthesiologist who has been with us for more than 25 years. Dr. Calvello spends time with our patients before the procedure, calmly putting any fear to rest.

When we know a guy is especially concerned about “going under,” there are several factors that help provide comfort. First, Dr. Calvello is a licensed medical doctor as well as an anesthesiologist, so he is trained in all aspects of patient care including lifesaving measures. The 25-year relationship we have is characterized by respect and trust, and the surgical team works seamlessly together to use IV sedation instead of general anesthesia. Patients are pleased when they learn they will be “lightly under,” avoiding deep anesthesia, a breathing tube and a groggy hangover.

Also, Dr. Calvello has been our patient too. He knows about cosmetic surgery with us first hand.

Our medical assistants are highly trained and very experienced. They’re at each guy’s side before, during and after surgery. Nurturing and kind by nature, they enjoy taking special care of our patients.

The Payoff

When patients discover that gynecomastia surgery in New York is a significant sub-specialty of our practice, and that we treat patients from all over the world and have done so for more than thirty years, they realize that they would be in good hands if they choose to work with us. When they meet us and talk about their fears as well as their dreams of a life without man boobs, they gain confidence that surgery is the right choice.

The result is a great surgical outcome and a comfortable process. Read what Shaun had to say about his gynecomastia surgery: “a breeze!”
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