We fielded a question via gynecomastia.org recently. A young man had posted before and after gynecomastia photos and wanted to hear from a doctor about whether he should seek revision surgery. We told him it looked like he had a good result from male breast reduction overall, but we agreed there appeared to be small amounts of residual fat tissue in a few areas he mentioned.
That feedback was easy. What’s not so easy is the ultimate decision about whether to elect gynecomastia revision surgery. In our New York consultation room, online and in media interviews, we emphasize that this and all options are up to each man. The choice can be all the more difficult when patients are longing for just a small adjustment.
If you’re a guy in this same boat, here are some things to consider.

An Objective View

We often advise revision candidates—especially those who are seeking minimal fine tuning—to be sure the healing process is complete, then be as objective as possible about the results. You can take steps in this direction by reminding yourself that almost no one has a perfect body, no matter what. Take a look at other guys with a critical eye and note that their chests are not perfect. Browse our before and after gynecomastia photo gallery and you’ll see that even guys with truly wonderful surgical outcomes can probably find something they don’t like—maybe they’re too hairy, less muscular than they would like or have slight chest asymmetry.
It’s also important to keep in mind that the healing process is unpredictable, and it’s possible that gynecomastia revision results will not be exactly what you’re hoping for.

Your Frame of Mind about Man Boobs

After thirty years of successful gynecomastia and revision surgery in New York, one thing we’ve discovered is that many patients obsess about their man boobs. It’s understandable. Not only do enlarged breasts seem like a highly visible blemish for some—like an extremely large nose or a “weak” chin—boobs are generally associated with a feminine appearance. After enduring years of teasing and wishing man boobs away, it’s easy to become preoccupied.
If this is you, you may be underappreciating what truly is a good outcome. On the other hand, it could be that just a light touch of additional liposuction could produce results you’d be much happier with. And after taking the big step of electing man boob surgery, you definitely deserve to be satisfied.

Your Choice of Plastic Surgeon

When it comes to gynecomastia revision surgery, one very important question is: how do you feel about your choice of plastic surgeon?
It’s best to visit your original doctor to discuss your concerns before taking other measures. Do they listen carefully and take your feelings to heart? Does he or she offer options that make sense? Do you still have confidence in their skill and experience?
It’s a good idea to seek a second opinion, especially if you’re not sure about the answer to that last question. Revising any cosmetic procedure is always more difficult than performing the original operation, and you may decide you’re better off with another plastic surgeon.
Treating man boobs is one of our leading specialties here in New York, and revision gynecomastia surgery is a procedure we’re known for. Having been disappointed the first time around, and knowing the challenges of a second surgery, many guys travel from elsewhere in the U.S. and even from foreign countries to work with us.
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