We say it so often it sounds like a no-brainer to us: if you’re going to take the plunge and get surgery for man boobs—in New York or across the country—find a gynecomastia specialist. Not just any surgeon will do; in fact, not just any board certified plastic surgeon will do.

How Do We Know This?

We have perhaps more experience performing surgery for man boobs than almost any other practice around the globe, yet we don’t take this position to drum up business. We operate on hundreds of guys with moobs every year, and many of those are revision surgeries to improve disappointing results at the hands of a less experienced cosmetic surgeon. We know firsthand what can happen when patients don’t know the risks of a sub-optimal choice.
You can find out for yourself on gynecomastia.org. Visit the “Ask a Doctor” forum and you’ll find plenty of post-op issues you’ll want to avoid, including “nipples still puffy,” “crater deformity,” “tethering,” “nipple pointing downward,” and worse.

What Makes Gynecomastia Surgery Challenging?

Both doctors and patients have the same goals for male breast reduction surgery: smooth, natural looking, masculine contours that harmonize with the rest of the body, with minimal to no scars. Achieving these results is not easy. The plastic surgeon must:
• Know how much tissue to remove and how much to retain. Taking out too much creates craters and dents; removing too little can mean persistent puffy nipples. This is the foundation of each procedure for man boobs we do in New York; it requires years of experience to envision what to do for each unique patient.
• Understand how to place small incisions to create the fewest, faintest scars possible while still gaining access to the right areas.
• Have the skills to sculpt a smooth layer of fat between the pectoral muscles and skin to create attractive contours.
• Evaluate the entire torso and plan for post-op harmony. This can mean light liposuction extending to the sides to avoid a sculpted chest in the middle of excess fat under the arms.
• Advise each patient about related procedures that may complement male breast reduction, not to add to the tab but to increase ultimate satisfaction. This can mean liposuction for love handles, sweat gland treatment and others. Adding options like these doesn’t actually increase costs very much.

Patients Who Do Their Research

Again, you don’t need to take our word for it. You can visit gynecomastia.org and find that guys who advise others in the forums know the value of researching and choosing a gynecomastia specialist. Here are some quotes we found on the site:

There are hundreds of plastic surgery clinics that have gynecomastia on their services list. They may be cheap, but if their doctor is the best facial specialist in the country but only does 3 gynecomastia surgeries a year, you don’t want him cutting you open.
If you are considering this surgery, be extremely picky about who does it. Find someone who specializes in it and ask all the questions you have. There are a lot of board certified PS surgeons out there, but that doesn’t necessarily make them an expert with this type of procedure.
I have seen stories of people who paid top dollar for some of the best plastic surgeons in the country and had to get revisions done. Just because a plastic surgeon may be an expert in breast implants or nose jobs, does not mean that they know a thing about gyno.

Because we have specialized in surgery for man boobs in New York for decades, and since we have performed hundreds of gynecomastia revision surgeries, we have confidence in our ability to improve (not perfect) poor results. But we would much rather see you before your procedure than after! If you’re considering male breast reduction, contact us. You can plan to visit us on Park Avenue in Manhattan, or if you don’t live nearby we can conduct an online consultation.

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