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A New Twist on Gynecomastia Surgery

A New Twist on Gynecomastia Surgery

We’ve noticed something new going on in man boob surgery—one of our New York specialties and a topic we watch carefully for new developments. A few plastic surgeons seem to be offering the procedure using an arthroscopic shaver, an interesting idea. Here’s what we know.

If you haven’t heard of these devices, you probably haven’t had arthroscopic surgery of the knee or hip. That’s what they’re typically used for. They are devices inserted beneath the skin via small incisions. Different pieces are designed to shave or cut various kinds of tissue, and suction pieces help remove the debris.

It seems that a few gynecomastia surgeons now offer this option to patients. The technique involves a tiny incision near the armpit for liposuction via a slender cannula. Then the shaver is used to trim down remaining gland tissue. In this way, the doctor can market the procedure as “scar less,” requiring just one stitch to close. No wonder the option sounds appealing!

The Big Drawback

The arthroscopic shaver technique probably works reasonably well for some patients. But you can’t know ahead of time who will experience good results and who won’t. Why? Because it’s impossible to anticipate with certainty what will happen under the skin during male breast reduction. Even the most experienced gynecomastia specialist can’t forecast when he or she will need a broad field of vision—and there’s the rub. If a challenge arises when you’re coming at the chest from the side, you can’t see it, let alone fix it.

So, what can happen during man boob surgery? Our New York procedures are often completely uneventful. On the other hand, it’s not unusual at all to have bleeding spots pop up if you’re excising tissue, and if you don’t seal them up the result can be a hematoma. Equally disturbing, with no direct access you won’t know if there may be a contour irregularity after healing. You don’t see it, it doesn’t get repaired on the spot, and presto—the patient ends up with a crater deformity.

Ancient History

Having treated man boobs in New York for more than thirty years, we faced these challenges a long time ago. That’s why we developed our own instruments: slender cannulas we use with the suction on or off, depending on what we’re addressing, and a sharp tip for removing gland tissue. We feel this design gives us the best of both worlds. We can make tiny incisions where needed and they heal to be nearly invisible, plus we can have visual access to areas we may need to treat.

For the most straightforward cases we work on, we make a tiny nick in the side of the chest, insert our patented cannula and perform liposuction. If there’s a small amount of breast gland, we can use the sharp end of the instrument to trim it down. We finish by turning off suction and re-draping the skin over the newly smooth contours. This technique is similar to the approach using an arthroscopic shaver, yet we feel our cannula gives us more control.

Addressing Dense Gland Tissue

Our technique really shines when we work on patients in New York whose man boobs include dense breast gland under the nipple. We usually start out in the same way, with a small incision at the side of the chest for liposuction. Once we’ve removed sufficient fat, we then make an additional incision at the edge of the base of the areola. This gives us access to the gland and we can visualize what remains and shape a smooth result. If we encounter a bleeder, we notice it and cauterize it right away.

Possibly the biggest benefit to this method is that we can carefully evaluate the new contours while the patient is still on the table. If we see the potential for any irregularity, we rotate a small fat flap into position and smooth the area. It’s much better for the patient to have a masculine chest sculpted the first time than need gynecomastia revision later on.

It pays to choose your gynecomastia surgeon extra carefully. Look for someone with hundreds, if not thousands, of successful cases. Listen to them in consultation, ask lots of questions, ensure their approach makes sense to you. If you’d like to talk with us in New York about man boobs, send us a quick email to get started.

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