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A Few Habits to Re-evaluate Before Gynecomastia Surgery

A Few Habits to Re-evaluate Before Gynecomastia Surgery

When we visit with patients considering male breast reduction in New York, we always ask about their lifestyle. Our purpose is not to pass judgment – not at all! The goal is to help each man understand whether their activities may have inadvertently contributed to their moobs, and how to ensure they achieve the best possible results that will last.

That’s why we ask about habits. If you engage in an activity that may impact the look of your chest down the road, it makes sense to think about whether you’re willing to modify your lifestyle. No one wants to invest in a procedure like male breast reduction only to see the hated man boobs return.

Here are some activities we might encourage you to think about prior to gynecomastia surgery.

– Steroid use: It has long been known that anabolic steroids can trigger the growth of male breast tissue. If patients resume steroid use after male breast reduction, there’s a small chance man boobs will return.
– Marijuana use: We also caution patients that, because the active ingredient in marijuana also disrupts normal hormone levels, continued marijuana use may result in breast tissue regrowth after gynecomastia surgery.
– Alcohol consumption: Heavy drinking can cause moobs in two ways – it impacts normal liver function and can cause weight gain. We advise patients to watch their alcohol intake after male breast reduction.

There are other, less worrisome habits that may impact final results. Tanning is one. It’s unlikely you’ll come away from gynecomastia surgery with scars that are visible, but if you do (if you have skin removed, for instance), know that your scars will not tan evenly along with the rest of your skin.

Some patients enjoy routine massages. If you do, we will ask you to forego this particular activity for at least a few weeks. Massaging your chest after male breast reduction can actually cause increased swelling.

It may sound like there’s a lot to think about, and there is! But don’t worry. If you opt to undergo male breast reduction in New York with us, we’ll walk you through every consideration and supply you with all the information you need to achieve the look you’re hoping for. Come in for a consultation and let’s talk about your goals.

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